Still from Ja Rule - Livin’ It Up

Lil Bibby - Tomorrow

Anybody need a heart? I aint gon’ use it

Everybody that I loved done already abuse it

Check it see if it work it prolly don’t even do shit

Lil Bibby feat. Jadakiss & Anthony Hamilton - Water (Remix)

Young Scooter - Hector




Supa Mario presents The Best of Sheek

brought to you in finest 320kbps, ripped by yours truly. This is some rare shit, this is not on any website yet. Definitely on my shortlist for best mixtape of all time.

I couldn’t find my case with the tracklist, so I might update the ID3 tags, once I find the tracklisting.

"i aint pouring out shit….i want all my liquor"

"put the razor to ur neck while u drinkin a milk"

"before i pop shit with niggas up on the mic…i go to they house shoot they lil brothers off they bikes"

"i leave niggas tongues in they captain crunch"

"ill go across ur fuckin head with soap in a sock…hoping it pop open you up and look through the top"

"gucci this and gucci that fuck it i’ll have ur platinum teeth all in my gucci bat"

"i think we need more funerals than biggie and pac"


Re-up yall


Tony Yayo feat. Hell Rell  - Durag 2 A Skimask Remix

Tony and Ruga teach you about durag-tying techniques

Are 10s J. Cole stans the modern equivalent of the 00s Nas stans?




Tha Dogg Pound feat. Snoop Dogg - Cali Iz Active (HQ / Dirty) (by HQmvideo)

This song was so slept on.

Reem feat. Lil Herb , King Louie & Spenzo - Chico Conscience (Remix)

This just goes.

Dropped outta school cuz I knew I wouldn’t be shit, now it’s 5 bands if you want me on your remix - Lil’ Herb

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